I am happy to announce that commissions are finally back open after being closed for almost 2 years! The process is simple - please fill out the request form to begin the journey to creating a masterpiece just for you! I will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote, payment options and processing times. FAQ is below for more info :)



What is a commissioned painting?

In art, a commission is the act of requesting the creation of a custom piece based on your vision and requirements. I regularly work on commissioned paintings and am happy to consider creating a custom piece for you if it fits my style and interest.

Why order a commissioned painting?

My commissioned paintings are fully customizable and in turn, very unique pieces of art. They also make excellent gifts for loved ones that will last a lifetime and are very sentimental. I very much strive to offer you something that you will be completely satisfied with and extremely proud to own!

How many commissioned paintings have you completed?

I have successfully completed over 60 commissioned paintings for my clients.

What kind of art do you make?

My work has a slight abstract modern impressionistic style that is textured, expressive and often bursting with color although I do work with neutral colors as well. Please familiarize yourself with my work – I do not paint portraits, pets or hyper realistic pieces that are a copy of a photo.

What media does you work in?

I work with high quality acrylics to create texture and I can add mixed media such as gold leaf, silver leaf, sparkles etc. The surfaces I paint on are ready to hang stretched canvas or wood and they do not require a frame although we can add a frame if you would like. All paintings are sealed with a high gloss varnish to protect the surface of the painting long term. A Certificate of Authenticity will be included with your purchase and the painting will be signed.

What steps do I need to take to get the process started?

  1. SIZE

Decide on the approximate size of the painting you would like. I recommend using a measuring tape to decide on the appropriate size depending on your space and layout. If you have any questions or would like my input to help determine the size of painting that best suits your space, please don't hesitate to reach out and send me pictures and measurements.


Decide on the subject/type of painting you would like - landscape, abstract, floral etc. For inspiration, please see photos of my paintings on my website as well as my Instagram and Pinterest - these will give you a good idea of my style and the types of subjects I typically paint. Please send me any photos you have to help me understand your vision.

What can I expect with a commissioned painting?

Every artwork is designed according to details and reference photos you provide. For large/complex pieces or if you request it, you will receive progress pictures as I work on the painting to ensure we are on the same page. You will also always receive photos of the final painting, which must be approved by you prior to delivering the painting to you. At that point, we can make any minor adjustments you may want before your new painting is professionally packaged and shipped with the utmost care.

Do you recreate paintings you have already sold?

I sometimes can although no two paintings will ever be identical. Other times, recreating a piece will simply not be possible due to the creative process that took place to make it. It would be best to let me know which painting you want a recreation of and we can discuss what is possible. We can also take concepts and ideas from other paintings and add new unique touches and/or colors to make it perfect for you.

How long do commissioned paintings take?

I have a constant wait list for commissioned paintings. As such, orders take about 1-4 months depending on the waiting list and the size of your painting. Please be sure to contact me with adequate time in advance of the deadline you would like and let me know if there is a certain date it is required by.

What is the payment process?

I require a 50% deposit to begin the work and take the remaining 50% upon completing the project and receiving your full approval. Personalized payment plans are available - contact me for more details.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on the size of the painting and the complexity/detail you are looking for (for example a detailed landscape painting is more complex than an abstract floral painting).

All quotes given for custom work are valid for only 30 days - if 30 days have passed without the deposit being received, a revised quote will be provided.