Artist Bio

Nada Khatib is a Canadian artist and talented palette knife painter born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Her family arrived to Canada as Syrian refugees fleeing persecution in the late 80’s, and she currently resides in Petawawa, Ontario with her husband. Nada began painting over a decade ago as an outlet for creativity and self-expression.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and starting a career in the corporate world  made it clear to Nada that art is her true calling. In the spring of 2018, she took the risk of a major career change, followed her dreams, and founded her company, Expression By Nada. The path to self-employment and entrepreneurship was not easy and she faced many obstacles along the way but Nada’s passion for the power of visual arts gave her the strength to overcome these challenges. Building an art community and body of work around something she feels really positively impacts our society has been Nada’s most recent focus and motivation. 

Nada’s work explores the relationship between reality and fantasy, often merging natural landscapes with bold colour. She wields her palette knife as a tool to create thick and lively textures in the impasto technique. Nada pulls her inspiration from Mother Nature, her travels around the world and the beautiful people she has met along the way.

Nada has participated in over a dozen exhibits across Canada and private collectors around the world own her original paintings. She especially enjoys sparking a creative passion in others through her empowering messages, personal approach to painting and art classes.