1-1 Classes

We are excited to announce that we are currently offering 1-1 online painting classes with professional artist Nada Khatib!

During the class, you will complete a painting under the care of your instructor, Nada. You will work together to choose a painting that you love and that is achievable for your level. You will complete the painting step-by-step together and Nada will demonstrate each step and guide you throughout the entire artistic process, answering any questions you may have.

For this class, you will require a laptop/computer and art supplies. A detailed list of the art supplies required will be sent to you in advance along with a zoom link to join the class virtually. 

The date of the class will be chosen by you and your instructor to fit your schedules.

This is a one-on-one class and it is meant to cater completely to you, your pace and preferences.

Some painting experience is recommended.

RATE: $125 CAD per hour
DURATION: minimum 2 hours and maximum 4 hours (duration is based on size of the painting, complexity of the painting, and your pace)
DEPOSIT: $250 CAD deposit required prior to class date (if there is a balance, it is to be paid once the class is complete)

Please note, class rates are in Canadian dollars but this opportunity is open worldwide! For rates in your local currency, please use a currency converter tool.

Payment accepted via e-transfer for Canadians and PayPal for USA/international.

For inquiries and bookings, please email expressionbynada@gmail.com or use our contact form.

Limited spots available!


"I got the opportunity to share a one-on-one valuable learning experience from Nada. Her and and talent inspires me a lot. Beyond her kindness and down to earth character, Nada is a beautiful artist who brings life to her work. You can see her passion flow onto the pieces she creates." - Sana on September 13, 2020

"Nada is a professional artist and a very sweet individual. I had the pleasure joining her painting class in Mississauga ON. Nada made it such a pleasant experience, and it was my first time of such. Loved it so much, very relaxing, and therapeutic. The organization, the participants, and the overall flow of the class makes me wanna do this again soon!" - Dhifaf on August 4, 2020

"I attended Nada's painting class, the 2.5 hr session was filled with information and painting techniques. Her teaching instructions were clear and easy to understand & follow. Furthermore, she gave all her participants an amazing swag bag which contained greeting cards and sticker, the print was clear as a real painting. I would definitely recommend Nada for her classes and her artwork." Tkmavi on August 3, 2020

"I attended one of Nada's painting classes. It was at a park with a great view of the lake. What makes her classes really special is that you actually leave with learned techniques and a great masterpiece. She provides good quality paint and supplies, and even provides materials to mix with the paint to add different types of textures. She gives great guidance as she goes through the painting with the group and walks around to help get the technique right. Had a great experience with her :)" Mona El-Falou on August 3, 2020

"Enjoyed Nada's painting class. Not only is her work beautiful but she is a great teacher. She explained the techniques well and went around to each individual. It was also an amazing environment, painting outdoors with a view of the lake and music. Definitely recommend taking her class!!" Nabeelah on August 3, 2020

"I attended a lovely outdoor waterfront painting party hosted by Nada! She created a warm, welcoming environment and led a wonderful step-by-step painting session. She was nurturing of new and experienced artists and ensured everyone got 1:1 attention from her. Her party was carefully designed to allow participants to explore various acrylic painting tools and techniques on their terms while feeling a sense of community. She even generously offered to support emerging artists and entrepreneurs after the party ended. Thank you Nada for being so inspiring through everything you do!" Tooba on August 4, 2020

"Nada is a great instructor. She conducted the workshop at the right pace and was very helpful. I was very impressed with how my painting turned out. She is kind, talented and a good teacher." Sultana on August 4, 2020

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Nada's paint classes held outdoors with a beautiful lake view in Mississauga. She was very warm and attentive to the entire class and guided everyone clearly through all the steps of recreating one of her beautiful masterpieces. Her directions were very clear and easy to follow, and she encouraged everyone to create the piece how they interpreted it- that it didn't have to look exactly like hers did. Her openness and free spirited nature makes her an excellent instructor. I'd highly recommend her to anyone!" Takeisha Ball on August 5, 2020