Artist Statement

My name is Nada Khatib and I am a professional palette knife painter. I paint when I have creative surges and visions I am compelled to bring to life. I often experiment with contrast and textures to make my paintings pop. My use of colour and thick paint draws the viewer’s eye to the subject and makes the painting feel alive.

My love of nature and people inspires me and my evolution as an artist drives me. My paintings reflect an imaginary fantasy world where the reality of creations merges with dramatic and surrealist colour. I paint to bring more colour and joy to the world and to reflect the way in which various forms of life are interconnected.

My preferred medium is acrylic paint because it allows for deep layering. My love of palette knives stems from the feeling of freedom they provide due to their forgiving nature. You never know how the paint will land on the surface and you don't blend the paint like with traditional brushes – it is about intentional strokes then it just is what it is, and I find great joy and satisfaction in that. Simply moving thick paint around with a knife is also therapeutic and gratifying.

I use a variety of materials and processes in my work and the outcome is not always calculated. I often allow my heart to naturally guide me through the painting, which is when I most often find myself creating fascinating new techniques such as painting on unique surfaces like rustic wood, layering paint over multiple sessions and manipulating paint to create unique patterns and textures.